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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Every year in October, my newsfeed lights up with posts, articles, and videos asking the question, "Should Christians celebrate Halloween?" Some argue that, due to the holiday's pagan roots and often dark themes, Christians should have nothing to do with it. Others maintain that, with prudence, families could legitimately enjoy some of the fun features of the day.  In no particular order, let me throw out some considerations as we work through the question word-for-word. Should vs. May The word “should” implies moral “ought-ness." In the absence of a biblical command or biblical warrant, Christians should not bind one another’s consciences where the Bible does not. In the absence of any Biblical command, we are under no moral obligation to positively celebrate the holiday. The real question we are asking is this:  “May Christians participate if they desire?” Can Christians choose to participate in Halloween without sinning? That is the question. Even if the answer is

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